C4GS-ZEDlife is a young, US-based, company joint venture formed by Communities for Global Sustainability, a "delightfully melanated" and multi-generational group of community leaders, builders, innovators and investors in green technology and ZedPower, LLC, an internationally recognized expert in the field of sustainable zero-carbon housing.
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U.S. Department of Energy
Communities LEAP Cohort 2

C4GS-ZEDlife has been selected as a member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Communities LEAP Cohort 2! 🎉

This incredible opportunity allows us to further our mission of creating sustainable and resilient communities through innovative green solutions. Being part of this prestigious cohort will enable us to collaborate with other leaders in the field, access cutting-edge resources, and drive impactful change in our communities.

CA Energy Commission

California Energy Commission
The Next EPIC Challenge

C4GS-ZEDlife is honored to be selected as a $1M award winner in the California Energy Commission's The Next EPIC Challenge! 🌟

This prestigious award recognizes our innovative approach to sustainable energy solutions and will enable us to further our mission of creating resilient, green communities. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited to bring our vision to life with the support of the California Energy Commission.

Featured Project:
MountZED Ecovillage™

The MountZED Ecovillage™ in San Diego, developed by C4GS-ZEDlife, is a sustainable living community design featuring zero-carbon housing, organic farming, renewable energy, and innovative green technologies.

This unique ecovillage design focuses on reducing environmental impact, promoting economic savings, and fostering social cohesion. The project was partially funded by the California Energy Commission's EPIC Challenge, highlighting its commitment to cutting-edge sustainable practices.

C4GS-ZEDlife™ in Action

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Camp+Design+Build, London 2023, a unique and immersive experience of creativity, innovation, and sustainable design

C4GS-ZEDlife + Electric Vehicle Test

Secret Community Pop Up Dinner in San Diego, CA

"There Is A Need In Our Communities
For A Universal Change."


In the last few years, C4GS-ZEDlife has consistently advanced the mission of creating sustainable, affordable housing and empowering communities through innovative green technologies. Our efforts have been recognized and supported by significant grants and investments, ensuring the continued growth and impact of our projects. We are grateful.


Formation and Early Initiatives

C4GS-ZEDlife was established as a joint venture between Communities for Global Sustainability (C4GS, LLC) and ZedPower, LLC. The company's mission focused on promoting sustainable, zero-carbon housing and community empowerment through innovative green technologies and affordable housing projects​.


Strategic Partnerships

C4GS-ZEDlife began forming strategic partnerships with stakeholders in green energy, real estate, and social enterprise. These partnerships aimed to support the company’s pilot projects focusing on zero-energy housing developments in California​.


Pilot Projects

Initial pilot projects were launched to test and showcase C4GS-ZEDlife’s innovative building technologies. These projects aimed to serve as models for future developments and included zero-energy housing solutions​.


California Energy Commission Award

C4GS-ZEDlife received a $1 million grant from the California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program. This funding supported the development of sustainable, affordable housing projects in California, aligning with the state’s energy and climate goals​.


Project Launches

The company launched high-profile projects including a Zero Energy Ecovillage in San Diego and an Office & Event Center in Ft. Worth, Texas. These projects incorporated cutting-edge energy technologies and aimed to serve as models for future developments​.


Affordable Housing Initiatives

C4GS-ZEDlife expanded its portfolio with projects such as a single-family NetZero home and tiny home models in Texas, and a model showcase and office in Lemon Grove, California. These developments focused on maximizing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.


Workforce Development Programs

The company emphasized workforce development through micro-degree programs and partnerships with local schools. These programs aimed to educate and train a new generation of builders and innovators in green technology​​.


Community Events and Sponsorships

Community engagement initiatives like the Electric Vehicles Test and Secret Pop-Up Dinner were organized to promote sustainable living practices and engage the community​​.


Mission Driven Finance Investment 

The company secured investment from Mission Driven Finance to support cash flows during the grant term, enabling them to continue their affordable housing and clean energy projects​. Find out more here.


U.S. Department of Energy Communities LEAP Award

C4GS-ZEDlife was selected for the U.S. Department of Energy's Communities LEAP Cohort 2, receiving technical assistance to advance clean energy-related economic development initiatives. Learn more here.


Continued Project Development

Progress was reported on ongoing projects such as the Zero Energy Ecovillage in San Diego, the Office & Event Center in Ft. Worth and recent 22 acre Youth and Senior Center Development in Borrego Springs, CA. These projects integrate emerging solar, electric, and data-collecting technologies to minimize bills and empower communities​.


California Energy Commission EPIC Board Vote

Zero-Carbon Development Concept awarded $1 Million Grant from California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program

[San Diego, CA, May 3, 2022] — Communities for Global Sustainability (C4GS) and their new division, C4GS-ZEDlife, LLC., built a dream-team of builders and innovators in clean energy to bring a world-renowned sustainable, affordable housing concept to California.

Together, their C4GS-ZEDlife project caught the attention of the California Energy Commission’s EPIC program which invests in promising projects to transform the electricity sector and meet California’s energy and climate goals.


Effect systemic change at scale– from social systems to government programs– so that all people have paths out of poverty.

Build diverse, mixed-use communities that promote economic mobility and empower individuals to break the barriers to success.

Support equitable access to quality services and economic opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, income or geography.

Foster connections and social support that strengthen the links between education and housing that help people and communities thrive together.


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We are currently seeking strategic partnerships in building CLEAN and GREEN Neighborhoods. We love Green Energy, Real Estate and Social Enterprise including Angel Investors, Property Owners, Land Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Contract Attorneys, Supply Chain Partners, Manufacturing, Commercial & Realty Vendors and Service Providers, Workforce Development Providers, Community Development Corporations, Community Land Trust Developers, and Fund Managers.

- The C4GS Family

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