LivShare is a new, flexible, housing concept based on purpose-built shared houses, designed to offer the best of communal living whilst at the same time creating high quality, safe private bedrooms. With a higher density townhouse model utilising efficient build systems, LivShare proposes a model offering rents that young people on low incomes can afford whilst at the same time minimising the running costs of the properties.

A LivShare model can be classed as an affordable housing product and can be delivered as part of a developer’s Section 106 contribution — it can also attract capital grants and institutional investment.

Crucially, LivShare addresses the significant housing need of single young people who struggle to access decent private rented accommodation, and for whom homeownership is unattainable. The housing need of this huge cohort of people is too often not being met by registered housing providers, the build to rent sector or government capital grant funding streams. LivShare also provides a credible and scalable move on solution for single people living in supported housing.

The LivShare concept envisages developments that are designed specifically for sharers, providing good quality shared houses that offer excellent facilities and communal living space.

LivShare uses prefabricated bedroom and bathroom modules to create large five to nine bedroom villas and townhouses. These provide each resident with their own bedroom, deskspace and bathroom, whilst sharing a kitchen / dining room and a living room opening out onto a back garden.

The LivShare concept shows how sharing larger homes and sharing communal facilities can provide higher living standards, more amenity space and considerable dignity for people living in affordable homes than the conventional strategy of reproducing many small dedicated facilities. This allows affordable homes to occupy gap sites in high value areas normally only afforded by larger wealthier households

• LivShare can be developed to be compliant with the planning room and property sizes standards and thus can meet HMO and Co-living standards and national prescribed design size standards
• High quality finishes
• Large communal spaces

The accommodation floors can vary in design to allow for a range of floor plans. Floors can be further adapted subject to changing need and demographics. For example, both the two and three storey houses can be converted into family accommodation whilst the two storey house can be converted into studio accommodation.

Instead of just stacking shipping containers like a supermarket aisle, the ZED LivShare system is designed to create efficient study bedrooms with their own bathrooms and larger communal living spaces with sheltered roof terraces and conservatories. Capable of creating permanent streets ranging from one to three stories, it achieves excellent densities — achieving 260 bedspaces if required. The building integrated solar electric roof and wall cladding make it possible to offer homes with no net annual energy bills on many urban infill sites. This minimises or eliminates fuel bills to residents, and futureproofs low-income communities from the inevitable rises in energy costs.

The homes are clad in slate colour grey / blue building integrated solar electric panels. These can be placed on either the front or rear garden elevations depending on street orientation.

On east-west streets — both frontages can be clad in BIPV. On south-facing streets, the north elevation can be clad in slate grey Cembrit panels replacing the PV glass.

All other elevations are clad in rot proof self-coloured weather board. Other cladding materials such as brick slip or terracotta rainscreen are available at extra cost.

Each home has 46 No. 295 watt monocrystalline building integrated photovoltaic panels provide 13.57 kW peak solar electric generation — providing approx. 1.8 kW peak/bedroom.

This should generate enough solar electricity over the year to meet the annual heating, hot water and small power energy demands — and no gas connection is required to the homes. This has the potential to produce urban affordable homes with net zero annual energy requirements. The electric powered heat pumps are loft mounted, and can provide hot water and heat in winter and both hot water and cooling in summer if needed.

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"Energy Bills are for Losers"

We are truly pleased to announce our joint partnership with ZEDpower, a visionary leader in zero-carbon, zero waste design. C4GS builds feature the innovative and affordable LIVSHARE ECO-VILLAGEZERO BILLS HOME, and ZEDPOWER Solar solutions for emerging communities and investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones throughout the US.



We are currently seeking strategic partnerships in Green Energy, Real Estate and Social Enterprise including Angel Investors, Property Owners, Land Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Contract Attorneys, Commercial and Realty Vendors and Service Providers, Workforce Developments Providers, Community Development Corporations (ie; Father Joe’s Villages), Community Land Trust Developers and Fund Managers.

- The C4GS Family


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The principle of Musson Factory has been an experienced licensed general contractor and a consultant to the international real estate development industry, providing global supply chain management, project management and program management to projects on three continents, managing international, cross-functional teams for well over 20 years.

ZEDfactory is a leader in the field of zero-carbon design and development, with a unique track record of delivering Zero (fossil) Energy Development (ZED) buildings in the UK and worldwide.

The ZED Factory is a leading light in low-carbon living with extensive experience in the design and realisation of energy efficient buildings of all types and sizes. The company’s designs for zero carbon building projects are sought out by clients around the world. 

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